Jonah Chapter 2

At the end of chapter 1 we see Jonah being swallowed by a great fish, in chapter 2 we read how Jonah responds to the latest turn in events.

As Jonah was sinking into the depths, God showed His mercy on Jonah by sending a ‘great fish’ to swallow Jonah to save him from drowning. While Jonah was residing within the great fish we read how Jonah spends the time praying.

In chapter 1 we read how Jonah intended to run away from God and disobey His instructions, ends up being thrown overboard and starts to sink. My understanding of the first half of chapter 2 is while Jonah was sinking he called out to God who heard Jonah’s plea and acted. In our own lives how many times have we been a Jonah, we’ve tried to do something in our own strength, not seeked His guidance and when its gone sideways we’ve called out to God and he has came to our aide.

In verse 9 “But I with the voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice to you; what I have vowed I will pay. Salvation belongs to the Lord!” [ESV] Jonah is professing that Salvation belongs to the Lord. In the previous verse Jonah acknowledges that any who chooses a false god / idol they are forsaking the steadfast love and salvation that God has for them.

In today’s society we can be tempted into thinking that we don’t need to consult God in our decisions which will have a lasting impact on our lives, families etc., or think that God couldn’t possibly want me to do…… (you fill in the blank). And because we’ve messed up before / delayed in obeying Him it’s too late for us and God has no use for us. But as we’ve read in Jonah Chapters 1 and 2, it’s never too late to call out to God asking for forgiveness, asking for His help in our lives.

This week take time out to think are there areas in your life where your trying to plan or do something without asking God for his wisdom, or does God have a plan for your life which he’s calling you to but your resisting His Calling?

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