After I uploaded my blog last week I was thinking what this weeks theme should be. Straight away I felt the Lord say this week’s blog should be on perseverance which follows on nicely from my previous blog on ‘Routines and traditions in our Spiritual Lives’.

From experience sticking to a new routine within my life can be hard, especially when you have fixed time commitments. However as stated in my blog last week sometimes we need to change our ‘routine’ in order to stop us from stagnating, becoming complacent etc.

For some of us adhering to an altered routine will take perseverance, determination, accountability and honesty to ourselves. 

The first Biblical person who came to mind was Noah. Noah was an ordinary man going about his life when the Lord tells him to build an ark which wasn’t exactly a five minute project but took approximately 120 years to complete. During this time we know he was tormented by the locals, and will have hit the usual construction problems. God will have given Noah the strength, knowledge and wisdom, but Noah stayed faithful and ‘persevered’ during the low times and 120 year span. 

Paul, who on his numerous trips proclaiming the Gospel had many beatings, imprisonment, torment etc. showed perseverance and in my opinion is one of the greatest Biblical role models for Christians in today’s society. He was close to God, wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, showed courage, stayed faithful and persevered through his trials and tribulations.

Romans Ch5 v4: and endurance produces character and character produces hope.

2 Thessalonians Ch3 v13: Brothers and sisters do not be weary in doing what is right.

Thought for the week

Do you need to ask God to help you persevere in a life changing event, a change to your spiritual daily routine? Maybe you would benefit asking a close friend to be accountable to.




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