When we ask God for forgiveness do we mean it? As it's not a case of doing wrong, feeling guilty and asking God for forgiveness and then carry on as normal; for some that's what they believe / think forgiveness is. My understanding of forgiveness is that when I ask for forgiveness (which unfortunately is … Continue reading Repentance


I had a weird experience yesterday in clearing my desk at work, as it looks like from next week I'll be working from home. Unfortunately there will be those who will have had to clear their desk, locker for the last time, due to losing their jobs. As each day passes it's becoming clearer that … Continue reading Perseverance

Joy in Him

This past week has been emotionally and mentally draining for me, I find it amusing that I feel the Lord wants me to write about my views and ideas on how we should be joyful in Him. The dictionary definition of joy is: noun 'a feeling of great pleasure and happiness' verb 'rejoice' This past … Continue reading Joy in Him