Titus Chapter 2

Today I'm going to continue my study on Paul's letter to Titus, in chapter 2 Paul is giving instructions on how we should live our lives, treat each other. Before I go further I believe that husbands and wives should be patient with each other and share the workload within their family life and respect … Continue reading Titus Chapter 2

Titus Chapter 1

This week I'm going to start a brief study Paul's letter to Titus, who Paul charged with appointing Elders within each church on Crete. In chapter 1 Paul starts off reminding us of the promise which God made before the beginning of time, after which he starts to give Titus his instructions. Starting with the … Continue reading Titus Chapter 1

Jonah Chapter 4

Today I will give my thoughts on Chapter 4 in Jonah, where we see Jonah get upset and angry with God for showing compassion towards the Ninevites. In this chapter we see the culmination of Jonah's hatred towards the Ninevites, around 120,000 had turned from their evil ways and God had shown them mercy; which … Continue reading Jonah Chapter 4

Jonah Chapter 3

At the beginning of chapter 3 we see God telling Jonah for a second time to go to Nineveh, I presume Jonah had a wash before he journeyed to Nineveh to go tell them of God's warning. Nineveh was three days travelling in breadth with an estimated population of 120,000, Jonah couldn't go to Nineveh … Continue reading Jonah Chapter 3

Meaning of Life

In today's current climate of lockdowns, social distancing, working from home, home schooling, being furloughed, unemployment due to Covid-19 we can start to wonder what is the meaning of life? I suppose if asked in the street the quickest and easiest response would be Luke 10:27 "And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God … Continue reading Meaning of Life

Challenging People

This last week the Lord has put on my heart, how some Christians are either too scared to challenge fellow believers or don't believe we should challenge people. But I believe that when necessary we are to challenge people when they are living their lives contrary to Scripture and Jesus' teachings. In Matthew 18:15-18 Jesus … Continue reading Challenging People


This week I feel that the Lord wants me to write about my thoughts on honesty, and how as followers of Christ we are meant to live our lives. I've always lived by the old motto 'honesty is the best policy', and from experience it hasn't done me any harm. As readers of this blog … Continue reading Honesty