Evangelism during a Lockdown

As society is getting use to living in uncertain times, where queues are lengthy due to social distancing, people having to self-isolate, children not being able to visit parents or loved ones, having to work from home etc. We are being challenged / encouraged by our church leaders to show God’s love and mercy for our neighbours, work colleagues etc. while keeping our social distance.

We may think it’s easier said than done, because the ‘standard way’ to evangelise is to go out and talk to people, do acts of kindness but these methods are not practical and in most countries not legal for the time being.

During these times followers of Christ will need to discover new tools of evangelism, which more than likely will involve the use of social media, online video conferencing facilities and driveway communication (speaking loudly to someone while they stand at their front door). For our elderly neighbours we can offer to do shopping, provide meals, give them a ring during the week. In Matthew 25:34-40 Jesus tells his listeners that when they meet the needs of people who are need they are showing the same kindness and love to him. I am a firm believer that showing love to our neighbour doesn’t always mean it should cost us money, in most cases it will cost us our time which for some can be harder to give away than money.

With the death toll rising each day throughout the world, people are becoming more aware of how mortal they are; with questions about the afterlife and if God is real why is he allowing this to happen. As followers of Christ we need to be prepared to engage with the person, remembering it’s the questioner not the question that we’re responding to. In some cases there could be an underlying question beneath the original question. In 1 Peter 3:14 Peter tells us that we are to be prepared to have answer to those who question us when during times of struggle we are calm (paraphrased). To do this we need know Scripture and seek the Lord for wisdom and peace, we can join multiple Bible study groups but unless we put in the private hours of studying Scripture we will never truly understand the Word.

Numerous churches have adopted ‘churches without walls’ approach, where they are streaming services with house groups meeting via video conference apps. This could be another tool for our evangelistic work as we can easily share links to the services, groups etc. This for many will not be as intimidating as they can watch these services from the safety of their home, without having to walk into church having that fear that ‘everyone’ will be looking at them. Then hopefully when restrictions are lifted they will want to attend church services physically because they will have seen and witnessed God’s love through the virtual world church.

This coming week please keep your personal health and wellbeing at the front of your mind, and try and find ways where you can engage with your neighbours, work colleagues, friends and show them through God you have hope not only in this world but in death to.

All Bible verse links and quotes have been taken from http://www.biblegateway.com

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