Joy in Him

This past week has been emotionally and mentally draining for me, I find it amusing that I feel the Lord wants me to write about my views and ideas on how we should be joyful in Him.

The dictionary definition of joy is:

noun ‘a feeling of great pleasure and happiness’

verb ‘rejoice’

This past week I can definitely say I’ve not had the feelings of pleasure or happiness and I am guilty of not rejoicing the Lord and thanking Him for his grace and mercy in my life. Upon reflection of the past week if I had taken a step back and took time to dwell in His presence, He would have comforted and assured me so I would have wanted to rejoice in Him.

Philippians 4:4-7 Paul is telling his readers that no matter their circumstances they are to rejoice and give God their requests and His peace will come upon them, with His peace will come joy.

For some of us the fear of ‘Covid-19’ maybe a stumbling block in our lives, in that according to the media it’s inevitable that the majority of us is going to contract the virus with the knock-on effects of self-isolating, being ill, not being paid our wages in full etc. By remaining joyful in His presence his peace will be within us, and the fear which had a foothold in our lives will be gone.

Psalm 118:4-9 who we think David is the author reminds us that during our time of distress we are reminded to seek God who will put us “in a broad place” [NRSV] and that we will have nothing to fear. In my opinion when we’ve accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour the feelings of pleasure and happiness will always be with us, but the enemy uses our fears to dampen these feelings. Therefore with our fears gone these feelings of great pleasure and happiness will be more noticeable in our daily lives, which will be evident in our outward attitudes and actions through which we may be asked why are we ‘happy and joyful’ taking into consideration what is going on in the world today? As Peter commands us we need to be prepared to respond by giving our questioners’ a reason for our hope and joyful nature in us 1 Peter 3:15.

As I’ve been writing this week’s blog and delving into Scripture I realise that in the past week I’ve failed to give my fears, distress to God resulting in me being emotionally and mentally drained this weekend. For which Lord I’m sorry. Isaiah 12:2-4 reminds me that I can trust God and that he is my Salvation and with ‘Joy’ I “will draw water from the wells of Salvation” [NRSV].

This coming week remember to take time out to seek the Lord, give him your fears, anxieties, pain, sickness as He will give you comfort, joy and you will want to rejoice in him.

Please note all Bible links and quotes have been taken from:

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